Catholic Safety Health and Welfare SA (CSHW SA) is the unit that manages the Church’s Injury Prevention. The team of WHS Consultants provide support, advice and assistance to all Industry Sector worksites – Education, Health, Social Services and Parish, in relation to work, health and safety legislation, hazard and incident management.

The team develops policies and procedures in consultation with the four industry sectors. CSHW SA coordinates the Self-Insured Governing Council structure and monitors and reviews the Church’s Safety Managment System.

CSHW SA manages the Church’s work, health and safety HOWEVER, as paid workers and volunteers of the Church we all have a responsibility to protect our own health & safety at work and not to adversely affect the safety of others. Those who manage worksites have a responsibility to provide a safe environment and safe systems of work for all who work, study, visit and /or volunteer at their worksite.