Worksites across the Self-Insured Licence will be notified of significant issues and hazards so as to prevent incident or injury from future events.


LiPo Batteries Download


Asbestos in Plant and Equipment Download
Powerboards Download


Adaptor Download
Hats Download


Volleyball Poles Download
Damaged Office Chair Download


Machine Guarding Download
Personal Electrical Items Download
Asbestos Sample Kits Download
Extreme Heat Download


Sliding Doors Download
Melting Wax Download
Damaged Office Chair Download

2011 – 2012

Installation of Whiteboards and Smartboards Download
Portable Sport Equipment Download
Gas Heaters Download
Tree Maintenance Download
Operable Folding Walls Download
Playground Equipment Maintenance Download
Plant and Equipment Download
Clothes Dryer and Lint “Fire” Download


Fragile Roofing Download
Electrical Testing & Tagging Download

2006 – 2008

Residual Current Device (RCD’s) Download
AIRA Gas Heater Download
Portable Fuel Containers Download
Slips, Trips & Falls Download
Wangarra Lifter Download
Remote or Isolated Work – Security Download