Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the process of determining the level of risk associated with a work practice, activity, substance and/or piece of equipment. This will assist in the identification and management of hazards that may impact on everyone’s health and safety.
These are a guide only. They must be viewed and modified in line with your worksite requirements and in consultation with relevant parties.

Conduct a risk assessment when:

  • A work practice changes
  • Prior to purchase and/or use of a new piece of equipment or substance
  • Prior to an activity and/or event eg Gala Day, Sports Day, Fete
  • Prior to hazardous work eg working at heights, construction
  • Change in work environment eg refurbishment or renovation


Risk Assessment Template Download
What Can Cause Harm? – Hazard Sheet 1 Download
What Could Go Wrong? – Hazard Sheet 2 Download
Controls – Hazard Sheet 3 Download
Monitor and Review – Hazard Sheet 4 Download

Risk Assessments


Chicken Coop Download
Cleaning Download
Contractors – Major Building Download
Contractors – Minor Works Download
Gardening with Students Download
Grounds and Maintenance Download
International Travel Download
Occupational Violence Download
Pruning/Removal of Trees Download
Remote and Isolated Work Download
Wetlands and Ponds Download
Work Related Driving Download


Amusement Structures Download
Fete/Festa/Gala Download
Fireworks Display Download
Jumping Castle Download
Trampoline Download

Plant and Equipment

Air Compressor Download
Bandsaw Download
BBQ – Gas Download
Belt and Disc Sander Download
Bench Grinder Download
Blower – Petrol Download
Brushcutter – Petrol Download
Buffing Machine Download
Chainsaw – Petrol Download
CIG Transarc Welder Download
CIG Transmig Welder Download
Cold Saw Download
Compound Saw Download
Cordless Disc Grinder Download
Cut-Off Saw Download
Drill Press Download
Edge Bander Download
Electrical Appliance – Domestic Download
Generator Download
Hand Press Download
Hedge Trimmer – Electric Download
Hedge Trimmer – Petrol Download
Ladder Use Download
Laminator Download
Lathe Download
Metal Guillotine Download
Metal Lathe Download
Metal Sharpener Download
Mortice Download
Motorised Trolley Download
Oxy-Acetylene Welder Download
Pan Brake – Hand Operated Download
Panel Saw Download
Paper Shredder Download
Photocopier Download
Plasma Welder Download
Playground Equipment Download
Polisher Download
Portable Scaffold up to 4 metres Download
Pottery Kiln Download
Sander Download
Sewing Download
Sliding Table Download
Table Router Download
Table Saw Download
Thicknesser Download
Timber Planer Download
Timber Scroll Saw Download
Trailer BBQ Download
Vacuum Cleaner – Industrial Download
Vibrating Plate Download

Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are an administrative tool in the management of hazards. They provide a step by step method to conducting work safely.

Hazard Management is a proactive, systematic process to identify, assess and control hazards.

Risk Assessments and Safe Operating Procedures are tools in the hazard management process to assist in assessing the level of risk of identified hazards and in implementing controls to eliminate and/or manage the risk.

Sample SOP’s can be downloaded.

Ladders (SOP) Download
Hedge Trimmer Fuel (SOP) Download
Hedge Trimmer Electric (SOP) Download
Brushcutter Petrol (SOP) Download
BBQ (SOP) Download
Miniskaff (SOP) Download
Handling Blood and Other Body Substances (SWP) Download