CCES Safety System

The CCES Safety System has been developed in consultation with workers. Procedures are reviewed three-yearly or as based on legislative and/or industry changes.

All procedures are badged with Catholic Safety Health & Welfare SA and are available as PDF documents.

All forms used in the safety management system can be accessed via the Forms tab above and are available in Word format.

To access the Work Health & Safety and Injury Management Policy, please return to the Home Page.

No. 1 Health and Wellbeing Procedure

Health and Wellbeing Procedure V2 Download
SACCS Procedure for Responding to Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace Download
CESA Code of Conduct Download

No. 2 Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure

Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure V3 Download

No. 3 Smoke Free Workplace Procedure

Smoke Free Procedure V2 Download

No. 4 Asbestos Procedure

Asbestos Procedure V2 Download

No. 5 Consultation Procedure

Consultation Procedure V3 Download

No. 6 Contractor Management Procedure

Contractor Management Procedure V3 Download

No. 7 Audit Procedure

Audit Procedure V4 Download

No. 8 Vehicle Procedure

Vehicle Procedure V2 Download

No. 9 Electrical Procedure

Electrical Procedure V2 Download

No. 10 Emergency and Critical Incident Procedure

Emergency & Critical Incident Procedure V2 Download

No. 11 First Aid Procedure

First Aid Procedure V2 Download

No. 12 Protection from Heat and UV Radiation Procedure

Protection from Heat & UV Procedure V2 Download

No. 13 Induction and Training Procedure

Induction and Training Procedure V2 Download
SOCIAL Training Needs Analysis Download
EDUCATION Training Needs Analysis Download
HEALTH Training Needs Analysis Download

No. 14 Hazard Management Procedure

Hazard Management Procedure V2 Download

No. 15 Plant Management Procedure

Plant Management Procedure V2 Download
Workshop and Technologies Machinery Safety Manual Download
CESA Design & Technology Plant Hazard Form Download

No. 16 Hazardous Manual Tasks Procedure

Hazardous Manual Tasks Procedure V2 Download

No. 17 Remote / Isolated Work Procedure

Remote & Isolate Work Procedure V2 Download

No. 18 Occupational Violence Procedure

Occupational Violence Procedure V2 Download

No. 19 Management of Hazardous Chemicals Procedure

Management of Hazardous Chemicals Procedure V2 Download
CSHW SA Chemical Safety Guidelines Download

No. 20 Purchasing Procedure

Purchasing Procedure V2 Download

No. 21 Voice Procedure

Voice Procedure V2 Download

No. 22 Volunteers Procedure

Volunteers Procedure V2 Download

No. 23 Rehabilitation and Return to Work Procedure

Injury Management Documents

Reporting an Injury with a Workers Compensation Claim

 Workers shall:

  • report the injury or incident to the WHS Coordinator or Return to Work Coordinator with in 24 hours of the injury or incident occurring
  • obtain Return to Work Medical Certificate for any incapacity for work (lost time, alternate duties)
  • complete a Return to Work SA Claim Form as soon as possible and forward to Catholic Church Insurances within 3 working days

For further information about Workers Compensation Claims and Rehabilitation Return to Work contact Catholic Church Insurances (CCI) 1300 110 442.

No. 24 Document Control Procedure

Document Control Procedure V2 Download

No. 25 Fall Prevention Procedure

Fall Prevention Procedure V3 Download

No. 26 Infection Control Procedure

Infection Control Procedure V2 Download

No. 27 Confined Space Procedure

Confined Space Procedure V2 Download

No. 28 Fitness for Work Procedure

Fitness for Work Procedure V2 Download

No. 29 Waste Management Procedure

Waste Management Procedure V2 Download

No. 30 Noise Procedure

Noise Procedure V2 Download

No. 31 Personal Protective Equipment Procedure

Personal Protective Equipment Procedure V2 Download